Sermons from October 2014

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Big Picture: The Prophets


Prophecy is proclaiming the word of God for both the future and the present.

The Big Picture: Exile and Return


Even in the midst of being far from “home” the Israelites are reminded that God is present. Not only is God present, but He provided a way back “home” for the children of Israel.

The Big Picture: Poetical


While the historical books of the bible tell us the history of God’s people; how they became God’s people and how they lived as God’s people the books of poetry (or wisdom) tell us a different side to God. The living spirit of any religion shines through most clearly in the hymns by which its followers bring before God their troubles and fears, their hopes, aspirations, and reasons for confidence.

The Big Picture: The Kingdom


The good news of God’s involvement with the monarchy is he can do the same thing with us. He can take our failures, our short-sightedness, our desires that by our own strength fall woefully short of God’s plan for our lives, and work all things out to accomplish his good will and purpose in our lives.

The Big Picture: Conquest and Judges


Are you tired of the cycle? Are you tired of feeling like you’re riding the spiritual roller coaster? The cycle of the Israelites is recorded so we know what NOT to do. How the Israelites lived is not how we are to live. God wants us to live in full relationship with him, in a constant assurance that He is ours and we our His.