Sermons from December 2013

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Worship: Being-Going-Doing.


Text: 1 Samuel 2:18-21;26; Luke 2:41-52 As the New Year approaches may we be reminded that new habits are required for successful resolutions. Spiritual habits are a result of living a life of worship…Being what God has called us to be; Going where God has lead; Doing what God has lead us to go.

Celebrate: Be Amazed


We apologize for the technical difficulty in the first part of the sermon. The audio may sound like it goes in and out, but the issue is resolved around the 15 minute mark. The sermon wraps up our Celebrate series and reminds us to be Amazed by God’s grace and plan of Salvation…to be Amazed […]

Celebrate: Be Ready


Text: Matthew 24:36-44