Sermons from November 2013

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Unexplainable Joy: Part 3


The call to humbleness is a call to make sure our faith is in the correct spot…in the Spirit. A humble walk in Christ is of the Spirit and not of the flesh. If the confidence of our faith is in the flesh, or in our human abilities, it is then that our faith becomes nothing but an empty religion and becomes a stumbling block for everyone else.

Unexplainable Joy: Part 2


The pursuit of “higher ground” has been a pursuit by many. Higher Ground is the preferred place in battle because it changes the perspective. As we pursue higher ground in our spiritual lives, God changes and transforms our perspective of ourselves, others, and the world around us. We see the world in different ways…we see the world through the lenses of “Mission.”

Unexplainable Joy: part 1


No matter where you are the most important question we need ask is do we trust God enough to walk with us during our situation and will we be grateful for an outcome that will bring glory to God?