Sermons from October 2013

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Credo: The Second Coming of Christ


The people of God have always been a people who have been called to persevere and remain faithful to the Kingdom God no matter how hard “other empires” try to pull us away. In these last days (and it’s been the “last days” since Christ ascended to the Father) our call is to discover how we can be the faithful “bride of Christ” in this world. Our “Blessed Assurance” is in the hope that Christ is returning and He is making all things new.

Credo: The Church

The truth is, as Christians we are called to express our faith and live our faith through the life of the church. I am convinced that a healthy Christian journey begins and ends with the church.

Credo: Sanctification


I am convinced that Sanctification leads us on the journey to return our image to the original “image of God” created in the garden. This happens through the Holy Spirit applying grace to our lives to refine our “fallen/sinful nature,” which is to resist God, into a nature that desires God.

Credo: Salvation


Our apologies, but the audio picks up about 4 minutes into the sermon already in progress. At the end of this sermon is also a time of holy communion and baptism. It was indeed a very good day at Camden First Church. Text: Luke 18:9-14; John 3:1-7; Romans 8:15-17; Titus 3:4-7 Speaker: Pastor David Snodgrass […]