I am convinced that Camden Nazarene is experiencing some of it’s greatest days. In our 70 years we’ve had some exciting things happen and we certainly honor those who have helped get us to where we are today, but I still believe that our best days are ahead of us. It’s a great time to be a part of Camden Nazarene. I am convinced that not only are we experiencing great days now, but that God is leading us into a “Great & Awesome” future as we move forward.

This past Sunday we began a new series called, “Great & Awesome” and it is in this series that we will begin to unpack a vision that I believe God has laid upon the hearts of our leaders. (listen the sermon here) This is a vision that builds upon our missional habits of GATHER – GROW – GO – GIVE. We’ll always be called to Gather, Grow, Go and Give, but our “Great & Awesome” vision takes it a step further and begins to put the “How” into these 4 calls to action.

In the Old Testament book of Nehemiah we read the story of Nehemiah who was was called by God to go and rebuild Jerusalem after years of the children of Israel being in exile. In Nehemiah’s prayer he referred to God as the “Great & Awesome.” In the original Hebrew language this word for “Great” literally means that God is unlike all other gods – God is set apart and far above any other god. Because God is “Great” then we are to stand in “awe” and be amazed by God. He is the “Great & Awesome” God.

I believe the “Great & Awesome” is calling His church to be a “Great & Awesome” church. From our church facility to how we are to minister to our community I believe God is calling us into some “Great & Awesome” days.  On Sunday, September 11th, we introduced the Great & Awesome Vision Commitment which will laid out the different tiers in which you can participate with God and His church in the facilities upgrade portion of this vision. Check out our proposed changes here.


For Nehemiah, I believe when He realized who it was that was calling him to the mission of rebuilding the walls then the choice to participate with God was simple. Nehemiah recognized that God’s very character was “Great & Awesome” which meant that the God who called him to the work would be faithful to see him through on the mission at hand.

This year we’re asking our church to recognize who it is that has given us this mission. It may be that participating in this vision may seem to be an impossible task, but perhaps we need to take time and prayerfully consider who is calling us to the work is to be done. God is like no other and will see us through.  Because of this, may we stand in awe and watch Him do some amazing things when we willingly follow His leading.

May we choose to move with God and participate in the “Great & Awesome” future of our church as it unfolds in our midst!