Midweek_2016promo.001If your church is like ours then there is a “secondary” meeting time during the week other than Sunday. Here at Camden Nazarene this evening is a “buzz” with activity all over the  building…On Wednesdays almost every room in the building is simultaneously being used. Here at our church Wednesday evening ministry (Midweek) is alive and well, and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon. While Sunday will always remain “resurrection day” within the Christian community, and as much as I love Sunday School, I am convinced that Midweek should have an important place in your weekly schedule. Allow me to offer you 5 simple reasons why I stand on my conviction.

1: The discipleship of our children is important.
You should attend Midweek because you the discipleship of your child depends on it. All children, pre-school – 6th grade participate in a “scouting” themed program called CaravanCaravan encourages child development on all levels; spiritual, social, emotional, and physical. It is during this time that Pastor Amanda Watts and her staff has the opportunity to pour love into all kids who are a part of Caravan. The spiritual maturity of your children rises and falls on you, the parent. For your families sake and their sake, being a part of Midweek is vital to your families relationship with Jesus Christ.

2: The discipleship of our students is important.
Another aspect of Midweek at Camden First Church is our ministry to middle and high school students. Our environment typically consist of a place for students to come and simply decompress from the pressures that are associated with middle and high school these days. This is a time for our youth ministries director, Russ Wallace, to pour into these students and unpack just how God has promised to be faithful despite the brokenness and hurt that life may bring us. The spiritual maturity of your middle or high school students begins with you at home, however the environment of our student ministry is here to help reinforce and encourage. It also exists to provide a place where students can see that they are not alone in their journey.

3: It’s another opportunity to worship
The Psalmist wrote, “I was glad when they said unto me, ‘ let us go to the house of the Lord.’ ” Along with discipleship opportunities for children and student, Midweek is a great opportunity to worship. It’s another time to hear the scriptures read and taught. It’s another opportunity to allow the Holy Spirit to pour his love and wisdom into our lives. For some, it may be the only opportunity to worship within a week’s time. If your schedule has you working on Sundays then Midweek is simply an opportunity for you not to miss gathering for worship. Typically, our Midweek service consist of a time of signing familiar hymns and songs, it is a more relaxed “teaching” atmosphere than our gathering on Sunday mornings. It’s not uncommon for those gathered in the sanctuary to have the ability to ask questions and offer feedback on the teaching being presented. Don’t just drop your kids off for Midweek for their activities, come on in and join us in the sanctuary. Husbands, quit sending your wife and kids to Midweek by themselves, they need to see you taking your spiritual life seriously. Midweek is important because your walk with Christ is important.

4: Prayer is important
Another aspect to the Midweek worship service that I love is the time we spend in prayer. We always take 15 – 20 minutes to simply listen to one another; to share in each others hurts, but to also celebrate what God is doing in each of our lives. Without communication any relationship will fail. If we’re not taking time to communicate with God we have no clue about His will and purpose for our lives. If we’re not taking time to seek God’s face then we’re going to find ourselves feeling spiritually inadequate. I love Midweek because it’s another opportunity to boldly approach the throne of grace, whether it be for myself or for intercession of those around me.

5: Community is important
I realize people may get tired of hearing this word, but honestly, the Christian life and walk is all about community. I am convinced that it is near impossible to walk a fulfilled Christian life without the “community of believers.” The church is called to reveal Christ to our world and this can’t be done by one person, but it is a collective effort of everyone who claims Christ as Savior and Lord. Midweek is one more opportunity to “tie in” to the fabric of the church. Midweek offers opportunities to have conversations with others that the busyness of a Sunday morning may not allow. When you worship, pray, sing, talk with the same group each week a natural bond and relationship will begin to form. Midweek is important because the God’s mission is important; the mission of God is important because there is a lost and broken world out there who needs to a visible representation of Christ.

We look forward to seeing you at Camden Nazarene for Midweek and we’re excited about what God wants to do in your life.